08 September 2008

Palin Says Small Towns Grow Good People. Serial Killers Beg to Differ

In her acceptance speech for the Republican VP nomination, Sarah Palin agreed that "We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity," continuing that she knew "just the kind of people that writer had in mind when he praised Harry Truman." So let's put that supposed truism to the test. I've divided up American cities into 3 categories Big City (500,000+) Mid-Sized (20,000-500,000), and Small Town (<20,000). American Serial Killers page on Wikipedia. I'm not done, but the preliminary results show that no matter where you were raised, you have a relatively equal chance of being a serial killer. Moral of the story: if you're manky in the head, small towns ain't gonna save you.
*Special prize if you can guess which city below is my father's hometown!

Big City:
  • Benjamin Atkins (Detroit, MI): killed 11
  • David Carpenter (San Francisco, CA): raped and killed 5 women
  • John Wayne Gacy (Chicago, IL): raped and murdered 33 young men
  • Gary Ridgway (Salt Lake City, UT): killed 48
  • Richard Angelo (Long Island, NY): 25 killed
  • Robert Diaz (Phoenix, AZ): 12 killed
  • Richard Cottingham (Bronx, NY): killed 5
  • Harvey Glatman (Bronx, NY): killed 3
  • Andrew Cunanan (San Diego, CA): killed 5
  • Scott Erskine (San Diego, CA): killed 3
  • Lawrence Bittaker (Philadelphia, PA): raped, tortured, and killed 5 women
  • Albert Fish (Washington DC): killed 3-5+
  • David Berkowitz (Brooklyn, NY): killed 6
  • Howard Allen (Indianapolis, IN): killed 3
  • Ronald Gray (Miami, FL): raped and killed 4 women

Mid-Sized City:
  • Robert Berdella (Cuyahoga Falls, OH): raped, tortured, and killed 6 men
  • Henry Lee Lucas (Blacksburg, VA): killed 11-300
  • Alton Coleman (Waukegan, IL): killed 8
  • Joseph Duncan III (Tacoma, WA): killed 7
  • Albert DeSalvo (Chelsea, MA): the Boston Strangler, killed 13
  • Dean Corll (Fort Wayne, IN): killed at least 27 boys
  • Angelo Buono, Jr. (Rochester, NY): one of the Hillside Stranglers, killed 10
  • Kenneth Bianchi (Rochester, NY): one of the Hillside Stranglers, killed 10
  • Ed Gein (La Crosse, WI): 2+ killings, used body part to create whimsical home decor items
  • Ted Bundy (Burlington, VT): killed 26-57 people
  • Westley Allan Dodd (Richmond, WA): killed 3
  • Richard Biegenwald (Trenton, NJ): killed 9
  • Kristen Gilbert (Fall River, MA): killed 4
  • William Heirens (Evanston, IL): killed 3
  • Richard Evonitz (Columbia, SC): killed 3
  • Jon Joubert (Lawrence, MA): killed 3
  • Charles Cullen (West Orange, NJ): killed 35-45
  • Wayne Adam Ford (Petaluma, CA): killed 4
  • Carroll Cole (Sioux City, IA): 16
  • Kendall Francois (Poughkeepsie, NY): killed 8-10
  • Joseph Paul Franklin (Mobile, AL): killed 7-20
  • Gary Evans (Troy, NY): killed 13
  • Hadden Clark (Troy, NY): killed 2-3
Small Town:

  • Kenneth McDuff (Rosebud, TX): 14+ killed
  • Ronald Dominique (Thibidoux, LA): 23 men killed
  • Charles Ray Hatcher (Mound City, MO):
  • Carlton Gary (Columbus, GA): killed 7
  • Gary Heidnik (Eastlake, OH): killed 2
  • H.H. Holmes (Gilmanton, NH): killed 9-27
  • Jerry Brudos (Webster, SD): killed 4, necrophilia
  • Arthur Bishop (Hinckley, UT): killed 5
  • Christine Falling (Perry, FL): killed 3
  • Janie Lou Gibbs (Cordele, GA): killed 5
  • Robert Hansen (Esterville, IA): killed 15
  • Nannie Doss (Blue Mountain, AL): killed 11
  • Robert Charles Browne (Coushatta, LA): killed 48
  • Jeffrey Dahmer (West Allis, WI): raped and killed 17 men, possible necrophilia
  • Thor Christiansen (Slovang, CA): killed 4
  • Dallen Bounds (Ashland, OR): killed 4
  • Joe Ball (Elmendorf, TX): killed 5-20
  • Faye Copeland (Harrison, AK): killed 5
  • Robert Garrow (Dannemora, NY): killed 8
  • Donald Gaskins (Manning, SC): killed 9-100?


Amy Jane said...

Do I get a guess, or do I have an unfair advantage? LOL

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a correction on the amount of victims by Dallen Bounds name. Four killing were done in one day, but there are far more then just four. If facts are going to be stated, some research needs to be done to report accurate data. In all actuality the amount of his victems is unknown. There are dozens that he is suspected off. And at least eight that are known for sure in a small town.

prehensel said...

As I said, Anonymous, it's taken directly from Wikipedia and is preliminary.
You are free to go and update the Wikipedia page if it bothers you so much. Perhaps my data is inaccurate here and there (the price one pays for using Wikipedia), but it doesn't undermine the larger point any more than your poor spelling undermines yours!