13 September 2008

Portland, ME Reporter Asks McCain Some Haaaaaaard Questions.

A couple of notes about this interview:

  • McCain probably wishes that he'd taken that Larry King interview instead of some bulldog from Portland, ME looking to make a name for himself. It's pretty sad when some local reporter asks harder-hitting questions than anyone from CNN, ABC, NBC, or CBS (not counting FOX or MSNBC as "real").
  • McCain misspeaks a lot, but it's not as funny as Bushisms like "we won't get fooled again."
  • I do not understand how knowing more about energy than anyone else in America (his words, not mine, and I know that's a silly assertion for him to make, but still) means that she has significant national security/defense experience. To be sure, energy independence is now recognized as a part of national defense, but it's not a qualification--or else the CEOs of ExxonMobil, Shell, and ConocoPhillips would be considered national defense experts.
  • McCain asserts that Obama has never gone against his party, but I submit that being against the Iraq War when most other Dems were for it is going against your party. I'm sure he got pressure to vote for it so the Dems would look patriotic.

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