21 October 2008

A Total Rip-off Post

JJC posted a picture of his desk over at ITM, and I thought--since I've spent the last six hours chained to mine--I put a pic up as well. I am beginning to feel surrounded by work.

Items of note:
  • Ever-growing stack of books that I need to get (back) to for the KZoo conference paper (including Sociophobics, Chambers' Beowulf, and Friedman's Monstrous Races).
  • Chretien's Arthurian Romances for our UO reading group.
  • Computer monitor, proudly showing the ITM comment screen!
  • The stupid green egg timer that was going to bring discipline to my grading regimen.
  • Delicious, delicious Stumptown coffee.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Student papers on Walker Percy or John Berger than I am pitifully trying to grade.
  • Nature.
  • Ever-growing stack of books that I need to get (back) to for the KZoo conference paper, pt. 2 (including Liuzza's Beowulf, the Norton critical Beowulf (I swear I only have it for the articles!), Klaeber's 3rd edition of Beowulf)
  • Even-faster-growing stack of books to which there many reasons I should return (including Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind, and Fradenberg's Sacrifice Your Love...what a pair!)
  • Also, there is a stapler.


Jeffrey J. Cohen said...

Can I pleeeeeeeeeease trade desks with you?

prehensel said...

Sure, but we have to trade CVs and paychecks as well! Not such a great idea anymore, huh?

Jeffrey J. Cohen said...

You would also have to watch my kids, one of whom fences and uses people nearby as target practice, the other of whom is a kung fu ballerina.

So, yes, let's trade.

prehensel said...

kung-fu ballerina? hmmmmmm, perhaps this deal is not in my best interest.
it would make a compelling screenplay, however, for tarantino's next project..