22 February 2009

Gitmo and Medieval Beatings

Gitmo prisoner, victim of beatings from 'middle ages,' finally transferred to Britain

On Monday, Binyam Mohamed will become the first Guantanamo Bay detainee to be released since President Obama took office....Mohamed will leave the infamous prison in Cuba a bruised and battered man, a victim of "dozens" of beatings – what "should have been left behind in the middle ages," according to his British lawyer....

Mohamed, 30, was found to be suffering from a litany of physical problems: bruising, organ damage, stomach complaints, malnutrition, sores to his feet and hands, and severe damage to ligaments, according to the British newspaper. And then there are his emotional and psychological problems, worsened by Guantánamo guards' refusal to provide counseling.
I think that Carolyn Dinshaw should be consulted about this immediately.

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